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Apple Pay Officially Launches For ING And Macquarie Bank Customers

As originally revealed by Apple’s Jennifer Bailey earlier this month, Apple Pay has now officially rolled out to Macqaurie Bank and ING Direct customers.

The move, occurring ahead of the ACCC’s latest ruling on the feud between several of Australia’s biggest banks and Apple, is sure to irk the local players involved.

John Arnott, Executive Director, Customers, at ING DIRECT says “At ING DIRECT we are digital-first, and increasingly mobile-first. Our customers are the most digitally engaged of any bank in this country, with 74% of their interactions with us through our mobile app – that’s almost 200,000 interactions through mobile each day.”

“Our customers embrace mobile technology to make many aspects of their lives quick, easy and convenient, and this will undoubtedly extend to how they pay.  Approximately 70 per cent of our Orange Everyday customers who use our app connect with us through an iOS device and they’ve been asking us for Apple Pay. “

“We’re delighted to be able to deliver,” he says.

Likewise,  Macquarie’s Head of Personal Banking for Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Group Ben Perham says that “with more Australians using their mobile phones for banking, it’s an obvious next step that customers would want to turn their iPhone into their wallet.”

“Apple Pay is part of our integrated approach to continuing to make our customer’s banking secure, fast and convenient,” he said.

Macquarie and ING Direct customers can find out more about setting up Apple Pay on their respective websites.

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