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Incendiary iPhone “Explodes” In QLD Repair Shop

A security video has surfaced, via social media, showing an Apple iPhone 6 Plus erupt with smoke and seemingly “explode” when brought in for a regular repair.

The owner of the phone is understood to have brought the device, suffering a cracked display, in for a seemingly-routine repair.

While handling the device, the owner hands it to the shop keeper, only for it to erupt with smoke.

The owner then threw the handset onto the counter, which reports say left “a giant hole” in the bench.

Some have speculated that downward pressure on the battery by the owner may have caused the incident.

You can see the video for yourself below:

According to the owner of the store (who spoke to Fairfax shortly afterwards) the owner of the device “considers himself extremely lucky” to have the device combust when it did, rather than during a car trip.

The explosive incident is the second of its kind this week, with a woman suffering burns to her face and hands after her headphones exploded mid-flight.

Another similar incident happened last October.

Apple has yet to comment.

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