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Xbox One “Biggest Console Launch” In OZ History

Xbox One "Biggest Console Launch" In OZ History But now it looks like there may be a winner. Microsoft’s Xbox One has broken the record for the number of consoles sold in a week in Australia. 

That’s what analysts NDP are saying, anyway. 
Microsoft sold a total of 65,917 Xbox One’s in its first three days of sale – making it the largest console launch in Aussie gaming history, according to NDP retail figures out today.  
The new XBox which is $50 more expensive than Sony’s PS4 at A$599, even outsold Nintendo Wii, which held the record with sales of 32,900 units at launch. It also outsold Xbox 360. 
Retailer EB Games declared the Xbox One, launched a week before PS4, to be the “biggest launch in Australian gaming history”, said Shane Stockwell, EB’s Merchandising Director. 
‘One’ was the fastest selling in Xbox history, with more than 1 million in under 24 hours, globally, Microsoft confirmed. 
JB Hi-Fi Marketing Manager Scott Browning predicts the new XBox and PS4 will be neck-and neck in the gaming war. 
“We have already sold out of our Day 1 shipment and as well as our pre-Christmas second shipment [ PS4’s] so in that sense PS4 will meet our expectations and match the XBOX success”.  
Browning predicts both consoles will be sold out pre-Christmas based on current demand.  
Sony’s PS4, favoured by many analysts to outsell Xbox, was launched late last month, sold 2.1 million units globally, it was  confirmed last week.