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LG Curved Smartphone To Hit OZ?

LG Curved Smartphone To Hit OZ? Already on sale in Korea, LG’s G Flex, the world’s first curved, ‘self healing’ smartphone, is being unleashed to global markets including Singapore and Hong Kong, this week. 

Key markets in Asia will also sell the phone device before the end of the year, to be followed by other regions, LG said last week. This may include OZ.  
“LG Australia is currently reviewing the commercial opportunities for G Flex in the local market”, a spokesperson for LG Australia told CN this week.  

If so, it would make G Flex the first flexible phone to be sold here. Samsung, too, may have plans to release a curved phone here, called Round, in the future. 

The 6-inch Plastic OLED (POLED) LG Flex display curves with the contour of your face, with never seen before proprietary display and battery innovations that allow it to curve. 
G Flex has a quad-core processor, runs 4G, face detection and has an elastic coating to protect from wear-and-tear a “Self Healing” coating on the back cover that gets rid of scratches. 
Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile hailed it “the most significant development in the smartphone space”.