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IKEA Making Cheap Wireless Remote For Sonos Speakers

After Sonos discontinued its own remote controllers, IKEA is working on a dedicated wireless remote for its upcoming Sonos Symfonisk speakers, set to reach Australia in October 2019.

Suggesting that the upcoming IKEA-Sonos speakers will be controllable via IKEA’s Trådfri smart home app, the Sonos app and this new dedicated remote controller.

Reports are also proposing that the new remote will also be able to control Sonos speakers on the same network.

There are other third-party remote controllers for Sonos speakers, like the Senic Nuimo, however, it’s likely that IKEA’s version will be much cheaper.

Perhaps similar in price to the company’s Trådfri smart home remote controller which costs $24.99.

The remote will allow users to play/pause the audio, skip tracks, and adjust the volume on Symfonisk speakers, as the speakers will not include voice control.

It’s also a safe bet to assume the controller will be battery-powered like the Trådfri smart home remote controller.

Trådfri Gateway

The Symfonisk Sound Remote resembles a small white puck (see hero image) and requires IKEA’s $39 Trådfri gateway which links the Swedish furniture giant’s other smart home products together.

Sonos previously attempted to market a remote control for its speakers with its expensive and chunky CR100 and its touchscreen follow-up the CR200 — both now discontinued, made redundant by the Sonos app.

The IKEA-Sonos Symfonisk wireless speakers include two models — a lamp speaker and a wall shelf speaker — set to reach Australian shores in October 2019, local pricing yet to be confirmed.

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