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NRL Bows To Sponsor Pressure, Cuts Digital Division

The National Rugby League’s media partners, Nine and Foxtel, have long had an issue with the league’s digital content division, feeling it undercuts their own digital properties.

Now the NRL, under the leadership of the newly appointed chief customer and digital officer Alexi Baker, has announced it will scale back this division, a decision that is expected to lead to roughly ten job losses as the league continues to cut costs.

The NRL will no longer create its own news pieces, and will instead collaborate with Nine and Foxtel on these package.

“Our digital network will have a renewed focus on driving entertainment and engagement for our fans, rather than breaking news,” an NRL spokesman said in a statement yesterday afternoon.

“Our digital assets will play an increasing role in promoting the game not only for the NRL but our clubs. NRL.com will remain a strong and important part of the NRL business structure.”

The NRL Digital Network emerged in 2018 after the league took back its digital rights from Telstra and signed two broadcast deals with Foxtel and Nine. It employs roughly 80 staff, including eight journalists.


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