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IFA 2019: Sharp To Unveil “World’s Biggest” 8K Display

Foxconn-owned Japanese electronics brand Sharp is preparing to unveil what it claims is the world’s biggest 8K display at the upcoming IFA trade fair.

Sharp has been preparing to re-enter the Australian television market with a new range of televisions, including 8K models next year.

The company has now announced it will show off a new 120-inch 8K LCD display with 5G connectivity at IFA next month.

Sharp is targeting the display at education and learning applications, with plans to demonstrate how the display could work in a school and museum environment.

Sharp Business Unit President, Global TV Systems BU and Head of Europe Business Kazuhiro Kitamura said collaborating with other companies as well as advances in communication and imaging technology have enabled the company to offer fresh value to business and industry.

“By working in tandem with other firms’ technology, rather than promoting our own 8K offerings in isolation, we are able to foster breakthroughs and nurture 8K+5G Ecosystem across an ever-wider range of disciplines.

“The more partners we can bring on board with groundbreaking technological advances of their own, the more we can achieve together to enrich society and people’s lives,” Mr Kitamura said.

One hope for Sharp is that the detail of the 8K display combined with 5G connectivity could be used for “remote viewing” of artistic works, which the company said has “massive potential” for education and art restoration.

Other, larger 8K displays such as Samsung’s 292-inch The Wall have been announced, but this display is modular and comprised of multiple displays, whereas the model Sharp is previewing is understood to be a singular panel.





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