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IFA: LG Unveil MoodUp Fridge That Changes Colours

LG Electronics has kicked off it’s IFA presentations with the unveiling of the MoodUP refrigerator, a fridge that is set to add quirky fun and individuality to any kitchen.

Featuring LED door panels that change colour, users are able to set the look of their fridge using the LG ThinQ app. Giving users the power to set the mood, the MoodUP’s top panel boasts 22 different colour options whilst the bottom panel has 19.

Users are also able to customize the fridge’s colours with various colour themes, including Season which reflects the different seasons of the year and Mood which sports numerous soft, soothing colours to improve feelings of wellbeing.

Paired with the colour-changing LED door panels is a Bluetooth speaker, allowing users to match the mood of the fridge with their favourite music. This can be done from various streaming apps, as well as the Music Collection on the LG ThinQ app.

Ramping up the party in the kitchen, the LED panels will change colours in sync with the music playing.

The LED panels offer more than just a fun vibe, however. If the door is left open for an extended period, the doors will flash to notify user, and they will also blink to greet those it senses approaching. The freezer door is also brighter at night to “help late-night snackers find their way to the fridge.”

When the LED panels are off, the MoodUP appears in a colour pallet of Lux Grey and Lux White, for a more traditional and timeless aesthetic, designed to fit with any décor.

Built into the new fridge is LG’s On-Device AI chip, which integrates advanced AI that allows the MoodUp to continually improve and extend the user experience, as it adapts to enhance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as voice recognition.

“We at LG have always found exciting, new ways to improve customer experience and we are proud to do it again with the brand-new MoodUP™ refrigerator.” said president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company Lyu Jae-cheol.

“Bringing colour, music and enhanced convenience to the kitchen, and incorporating LG’s cutting-edge technologies and innovative design features, the MoodUP™ refrigerator demonstrates our continuing commitment to delivering a better life at home.”

The LG MoodUp refrigerator will join LG’s range of innovative products at IFA 2022, which takes place in Berlin from September 2nd to September 6th. Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

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