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All Out: Entire NBN Board Resigns?

NBN Co. Chair Siobhan McKenna has submitted her resignation to new Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, along with six other Directors, reports Fairfax Media. 

The dramatic resignations comes as the new Liberal government is unhappy with the performance of the company in charge of rolling out fibre broadband to 93% of the population. 

Turnbull, is not believed to have accepted any of the resignations, yet, but has expressed his contempt for the NBN Co board which he believes are responsible for rollout being “over budget and way behind schedule.”
Other NBN board members include Terry Francis, Alison Lansley and Brad Orgill. 

Kerry Schott is believed to be the only board member to be kept on in the Liberal-led NBN. 
NBN Co boss Mike Quigley announced his retirement earlier this year as CEO and Exec Chairman with former Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski waiting in the wings to take over the job of Exec Chair. 
NBN Co. was not available for comment at the time of writing.
Minister Turnbull’s Twitter account, too, was noticeably quiet about the development over the weekend. 
Team Turnbull is currently carrying out a ‘strategic review’ of the entire circa $41 billion NBN project, including a cost benefit analysis and full evaluation of the relationship NBN Co has with contractors, several of which collapsed after taking on  projects in multiple states.  
This strategic review is to be carried out within the next 60 days. Under the Liberal regime, the NBN Co will be run according to a strict business model, according to sources. 
 In a blog dated Sept 12 Turnbull wrote: “The Labor Government has not been honest with the public about the NBN. They never conducted a cost benefit analysis, they have sought at every turn to conceal the fact that the project has been failing to meet its targets”. 
The $11bn deal with Telstra, is one element of the NBN agreement that will stay intact, but team Turnbull are looking to use Telstra’s copper network for its fibre to the node broadband rollout. 

It’s no secret the Liberal Party is a hater of the NBN, referring the $41bn project spearheaded by Labour as “fraudband” for the high cost of high fibre to the home.
Last week, Treasurer Joe Hockey tweeted: 
JoeHockeyPM @MPJoeHockey 20 Sep The way Apple are going with the new S5 technology, Australia won’t even need fraudband shortly.”