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Huawei & Samsung Debut World First In-Screen Cameras

The era of the iPhone X-esque smartphone ‘notch’ appears to be edging out, with Samsung and Huawei debuting among the world’s first handsets with in-screen cameras.

Colloquially referred to as ‘hole-punch cameras’, the front ‘selfie’ lens is embedded in a circular cut-out, surrounded by active display space.

The feature is tipped to be more aesthetically pleasing than the ‘notch’, which has appeared on several flagship devices this year, after debuting on the iPhone X in 2017.

Reflecting a drop in flagship smartphone sales, the feature has landed on the mid-range Samsung A8s and Huawei Honor View20.

As mobile competition continues to intensify, it appears Huawei has edged ahead, by unveiling its new handset in Hong Kong, a few hours before Samsung – snaring the ‘world first’ claim.

As previously reported, Samsung already teased in-screen camera technology via promo banners in November.

At this stage, it’s unclear when in-screen cameras will debut on flagship smartphones, as neither the Samsung A8s or Huawei Honor View20 feature advanced facial ID sensors, which spurred the ‘notch’ in the first place.

Huawei claims its Honor View20 boasts another world first, with its rear camera offering a resolution of 48MP, and the first to incorporate Sony’s new sensor, announced in July.


The news comes after Huawei toppled Apple for the second largest smartphone brand in the world, with Samsung’s lead in first place closing.

Latest IDC numbers claim Samsung sold 72.2 million units in the July to September quarter, followed by Huawei with 52 million.

Commentators question what effect Huawei’s current global backlash may have on phone sales, with its telco equipment removed or banned from several foreign governments, citing cyber and national security risks.


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