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Huawei Forced To Take On Tom Tom Maps After Google App Ban

Huawei who are struggling to attract consumers to buy their smartphones because of security issues and a ban by Google that saw them forced into limited access to Android apps have been forced to cut a deal with TomTom just to get access to mapping.

Desperate to find solutions to their mounting problems the Chinese Company who are closely associated with the Chinese Communist Government and are currently banned by the US federal Government have cut a deal with a Company who for the past few years have struggled to selling their navigation and mapping technology via retailers as consumers use Google Maps.

Over the weekend TomTom spokesperson, Remco Meerstra announced the deal however questions are being raised as to how long the deal will last as the European Company is tipped to come under political pressure to limit the sale of their services.

Currently Huawei is desperately trying to develop their own OS to take Android following the US ban.

Android devices typically offer Google Maps as the primary mapping tool, but Huawei’s dispute with the United States government has forced Huawei to explore alternatives such as the Tom Tom service.

Both the Huawei Harmony OS, and system-level apps are set to replace Android entirely according to the Chinese Company.


The only problem is that Western consumers are tipped to stay with Google and Android.

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