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Huawei Exec Pledges To Top PC Market

Huawei Exec Pledges To Top PC Market

Chinese technology company Huawei has signalled its ambitions for the PC market, with the company’s COO of Consumer Business Wan Biao claiming the company will surpass Apple, HP and Lenovo within three to five years to become the number one vendor globally.

Speaking to CNBC, Biao says that “whenever Huawei decides to enter an area, make a product, our target is always to be a global leader.”

Citing “Huawei’s unswerving input in R&D, and our innovation capabilities”, he estimated the company would cement its position at the top in “about three to five years.”

It’s a lofty goal for a company that’s only just announced its first major foray into the consumer PC category. What’s more, according to the IDC, they’ll have to beat out several of the biggest tech companies in the world – HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, and Acer – to reach it.

Still, given Huawei’s rapid rise in the smartphone world, it’s worth not dismissing this kind of ambition too quickly. After all, the company’s smartphone revenues grew 44% in 2016 and they are now considered by many analysts to be the third largest smartphone vendor in the world.

Huawei announced its next major foray into the PC market (a new series of MateBooks) late last month, though the company has indicated no plans to bring the range to Australia.

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