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Huawei And GE Team Up To Focus On Industrial IoT

Huawei and General Electric (GE) have partnered to accelerate innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Entering the strategic partnership, the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding, aiming “to accelerate development of innovative applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and support digital transformation for industry customers”.

The partnership will utilise GE’s Predix IIoT application platform and Huawei’s IoT gateways, network controllers, connection management platform and big data computing platform.

Huawei and GE “will jointly develop, promote and deliver new industry digitisation and automation solutions, and accelerate the adoption of cloud-based industry digitisation applications”.

“The next decade is critical for the transition to digital economy,” William Xu, Huawei executive director of the board and chief strategy marketing officer, commented.

“Industry digitisation will require connectivity among a huge number of devices, big data computing and smart applications. No single company can address all these challenges on its own. Companies need to collaborate openly with partners and integrate resources and capabilities from partners in order to contribute to customers’ success.”

With regard to IoT, Xu stated “Huawei focuses on providing networks (pipes) capable of connecting a large number of devices and sensors, as well as our cloud computing infrastructure for big data processing”.

“We believe open collaboration is the only way to achieve shared success, and we are very pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with GE in the IIoT domain,” he commented. “Together, we will deliver comprehensive industry digitisation solutions to drive our customers’ transformation.”

GE Digital CEO Bill Ruh noted that IIoT growth in China “demands not only capital and development from companies like GE and our partners – but also a commitment to align the private and public sector to build together”.

“We are very pleased to become a strategic partner of Huawei in IIoT,” Ruh stated. “We look forward to joining forces with leaders from every industry, including our customers, partners and developers from around the world, to realise the brilliant vision for IIoT.”

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