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HTC To Expand VR Content Lineup With Viveport

HTC’s Vive VR platform is being expanded with a new online store, called Viveport

It’ll be focused on adding non-gaming content including “education, design, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools, and more.”

Developers are able to distribute VR content as a single purchase, subscription or in-app purchases, with HTC taking a standard 70/30 revenue split.  

Up until now, the primary content outlet for the HTC Vive has been Valve’s Steam Store.

HTC told Wearable.com that “Our approach to the market is to not pursue exclusives; we believe developers – and thereby the entire ecosystem – benefit from the distribution of their choosing. That said, they could certainly choose to distribute only through Viveport, however we don’t limit them.”

They also suggested that the store could also come to other VR platforms.

According to them, their long-term ambitions will position it as an “all-encompassing VR content destination.”

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