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HP’s New VR Headset Can Track Your Heart Rate And Emotions

HP’s new virtual reality headset the Reverb G2 Omnicept has such sophisticated technology it will be able to track user emotion and experience through heart rate monitoring and facial expressions.

According to HP, the new headset will offer a more ‘human centred’ VR experience and has been billed as a training platform for commercial users such as pilots and doctors.

Through a combination of pulse monitoring, eye tracking and face tracking, the Omnicept can give cognitive and behavioural insights into users in a way VR headsets have never been able to do before.

The most advanced feature is the “inference engine”, which uses sensors to create algorithms to study user behaviour and emotion. It will look at physical movements such as pupil dilation, heart rates, facial expressions and eye movement to estimate how a person handled the VR and can determine how overwhelmed the user was from the experience.

HP has been developing the Omnicept technology for a year along with the help of Human Interaction Lab director Jeremy Bailenson, a VR veteran and expert on VR training.

HP also plans on using Omnicept to develop more expressive emotion in the avatars in VR, too.

The California-based company also studied 1,000 participants from four different continents and used their eye, face and pulse data to design the Omnicept.

HP’s Omnicept platform will be available to any user wishing to update their VR headset but is also being sold as an enterprise license.

The company’s $1099 Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset is still yet to be released and is now available for pre-order, with Australia expected to get stock by mid-November.

Weighing a tiny 0.55kg, the Reverb G2 has four cameras build into the headset and is touted on its pre-order landing page as being able to “track more movement no matter how extreme”.

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