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HTC To Have Another Crack At Flogging Mobiles

Struggling smartphone maker HTC who are punting on Telstra flogging a bucket load of 5G hubs, is taking another crack at trying to get traction in the smartphone market with the Taiwanese Company set to release a mid-range smartphone today Tuesday, in an effort to take on Alcatel.

The Company that was once the biggest player in the world of Android phones has taken to not returning phone calls as carriers and retailers drop their mobiles from their shelves.

So desperate was the Company who gave us the HTC U which was an excellent smartphone that they flogged off their research and development team to Google in an effort to stave off a total collapse of the Company.

Over the weekend, HTC put up a teaser phone on its Taiwanese Facebook page indicating that the Company was having another crack at trying to get mobile traction.

Back in April, a mysterious HTC handset appeared on benchmarking site Antutu with fairly average specs.

It was described as an Android 9 device, powered by a Snapdragon 710 processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage which is the identical specs to the Oppo RX17 Pro which is not yet on sale in Australia. JB Hi Fi is selling an Oppo R17 for $499.

The 2160×1080 device was codename of “HTC 2Q7A100”, but the general internet consensus is that this will be the HTC U19.

Trusted Reviews said We’ll see tomorrow, but it’s hard to keep up too much enthusiasm. While HTC used to make the best Android phones around (we still have a soft spot for the HTC One M8), the company’s recent output has been considerably less inspiring. Its last big release was the HTC U12 Plus, a phone that got a middling three-star review from us. “A great camera – but, sadly, not much else to get excited about” was Max’s verdict back in the day.

ChannelNews understands that the device will be sold direct via the HTC online store.

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