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HP Tipped For 2017 Comeback

According to data from Digitimes Research, HP is set to topple Lenovo from its throne as the world’s biggest notebook vendor in 2017.

Digitimes says revived demand for HP products in 2016 saw them trail Lenovo by “only a few hundred thousand units.”

They expect to see that trend of steady growth continue, with HP expected to ship more than 36 million notebooks in 2017

Overall, global notebook shipments are expected to continue the gradual decline of 2016.

According to Digitimes, “HP began promoting strong and comprehensive product lines in 2016, which will be effective in fighting against weakening demand in the consumer market this year. The firm is also expected to benefit the most from a demand rebound in the corporate market”

Meanwhile Lenovo is expected to bleed some of its shipments to increased competition in the Chinese market from local players Huawei and Xiaomi.

The Chinese market accounts for almost half of Lenovo’s total shipments.

Despite this increased competition, Lenovo is expected to hold onto the second-place spot.

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