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HP Cuddles Up To Amazon While Undercutting Harvey Norman On Price

Hewlett Packard has given Harvey Norman the two-finger salute by snubbing the retailers request to not list on Amazon.

Despite requests from the Harvey Norman management the US PC maker is one of the first vendors to get their product listed on the Amazon Australia web site. Pricing at this stage has not been disclosed however ChannelNews has been told warehouses being used by Amazon Am already have stock of over 75 HP SKU’s which we are told will sell for up to 30% less than what Harvey Norman is ranging the same HP notebooks for.

Recently Harvey Norman who are HP’s largest retailer in Australia started discounting out select HP models.


The only problems are that the HP Envy 13-AD038TU Notebook – Silver is being offered by Harvey Norman for $1,799 at a so called special clearance price.

Meanwhile, HP is offering the HP ENVY – 13-ad039UU which is the latest Touch Screen model with the new Intel processor for the same $1,799 price.


They are also offering a fully refurbished HP Envy 13-AD038TU Notebook for $999, a saving of $800. The HP notebook also this comes complete with a HP warranty.

HP are set to sell notebooks computers, printers, printer refills, keyboards along with network gear on the Amazon site.

Industry analysts have predicted Amazon Australia would start trading before November 24, which is a big sales day known in the US as Black Friday. Business Insider reported last week that the sales system itself is ready to go, and the fulfillment centre in Melbourne has been welcoming employees at least since the end of October.

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