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Hostile Governments Spread Fake 5G News

CANBERRA: Australia’s Communications and Cyber Safety Minister Paul Fletcher has told Four Corners he is concerned that hostile countries could be deliberately spreading damaging disinformation.

“We’d be naive if we did not recognise the possibility that some of these claims are being generated by hostile governments or by others who have a motive to try and create instability and disorder in democracies like Australia,” Fletcher told the ABC current affairs program.

“We know that disinformation and misinformation has been an issue in elections in other countries. That cannot be ruled out, in my view, as a possible driver of some of these.”

Fletcher would not name any particular country he thought was to blame. But the Russian state-owned broadcaster RT has repeatedly broadcast widely discredited 5G health fears in English to its US audience, saying things like 5G “might kill you”.

The pro-Kremlin Web site, Global Research, has also published numerous articles spruiking 5G conspiracy theories, some of which have been posted by Australia’s largest anti-5G Facebook group.


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