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Hologram Table Allows 3D Objects To Spring Into Life

Students at WA’s Curtin University are able to bring their plans to life with the addition of a futuristic “Hologram Table”, pictured, at the HIVE, Curtin’s “Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch”. It’s one of only six in the nation.

HIVE manager Andrew Woods said the hologram technology allows Curtin to provide users with a realistic view of three-dimensional virtual objects.

“Users can twist, turn, slide, zoom, magnify and explore virtual 3D objects as if they were interacting with actual physical objects,” Woods said this week.

One example: cosmic mineralogist Prof. Gretechen Benedix has been using the table to explore craters on the surface of Mars, specifically examining the future landing site of NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover. Other projects include an exploration of Australia’s first submarine, HMAS AE1, lost at sea off Papua New Guinea more than 100 years ago.

Footnote: Curtin University is named after John Curtin, the WA-based Labor PM who guided Australia through much of World War II, famously calling on America rather than an over-strapped Britain to come to Australia’s aid after it was attacked by Japan – most notably with the huge 1942 bombing raid on Darwin, and the consequent attack down Papua-New Guinea’s Kokoda track. Curtin collapsed and died a few weeks before Japan capitulated, ending the war, in September 1945.

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