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Telstra Unlock iPhone 5

Telstra Unlock iPhone 5 Telstra has just revealed it is auto unlocking Apple’s iPhone 5 freeing customers to go to another telco provider, if desired.  

The announcement means Telstra customers no longer need to ring a helpline to unlock their iPhone 5. iPhone 5s and 5c are already sold unlocked out of the box. 

“If you own an iPhone 5 with Telstra and you’re heading overseas, or switching network providers, you no longer need to call us,” writes David Saidden Mobile Device Lead Telstra, on a blog.
“You just put in the new SIM, verify your iTunes details and you’re good to go.”
Telstra says it received over 200,000 calls last year from customers wanting to unlock their iPhones. 
“When we launched the iPhone 5s and 5c last month, for the first time, we worked with Apple to make sure we were able to sell the handsets already unlocked.”
“Now we’ve teamed up again and managed to automatically unlock the iPhone 5.”
Check out Telstra blog for info on unlocking iPhone 4s and earlier models.