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Hisense Wants $10K For A 100″ 4K Laser TV Projector

As the two biggest TV brands in the world Samsung and LG deliver cutting edge large screen TV technology Hisense has chosen to deliver Laser TV in Australia.

This is a technology that Mitsubishi introduced at CES 10 years ago, it failed for the simple reason that it was bulky, you really needed to buy a separate screen and the technology was not as good as a conventional TV.

Ten years on Hisense is set to release a 100-inch laser TV system which needs a big room to be successfully displayed in and even then, the quality is not as good as new 75″ TV offerings from Samsung with their Micro LED TV’s or LG with their new OLED TV offering.

The other big issue in forking out nearly $10,000 for a Hisense Laser TV is that this is a Chinese Company, who does not have the processor technology that both Samsung and LG are now delivering in their new TV’s, there is also no upscaling.

Currently Hisense who globally had to resort to buying the Toshiba TV brand because Europeans and the US market had rejected their TV offerings is selling a TV in Australia that retailers are told is 100Hz when in reality it is significantly less than this because the Company is using software emulation to boost the capability of their current TV’s due to the lack of advanced processor technology.

The 100-inch laser TV is a large 100-inch panel that comes with a short-throw laser projector and a wireless subwoofer and offers 4K resolution.

In what looks like a massive box Hisense claiming that it matches the quality of a conventional UHD TV. Users have to mount a screen on the wall for this Laser TV to operate effectively. The Chinese Company said that their Laser TV delivers 4K resolution at more than 8 million pixels and supports high dynamic range (HDR10). Hisense uses a light source technology known as X-Fusion which it says uses a dual colour laser light source with an expanded colour gamut.

It says it uses motion smoothing technology in fast action scenes and sports.

The TV has 14 built-­in speakers and uses technology called dbx-TV to enhance the audio quality. Hisense formed a partnership with dbx-TV to use its total technology audio suite in 2015.

The 100-inch set was available in other markets last year, but not locally in Australia. Some are tipping this will be a $4,999 product within six months of being launched.