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Health Sensor Upgrades Coming To Samsung Galaxy Watches

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is just around the corner and the company is utilising the quiet before the bang to reveal a particular feature that will be a part of the upcoming Galaxy Watch series.

The feature is an updated BioActive Sensor, which will provide more accurate health measurements, and allow for predictive and preventative wellness features to be implemented.

The first feature is the Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) Index, which is an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging.

It tracks how the user’s fitness improves as they change their regime. More features are also set to arrive; however, Samsung is remaining hush on those for now.

The sensor has also received a major overhaul, adding more LEDs in different colours, such as Blue, Yellow, Violet, Ultraviolet, Green, Red, and Infrared.

Engineers at Samsung also optimised the placement of the LEDs.

The light is captured by improved photodiodes, which are claimed to have double the performance compared with the old version.

These improvements are expected to offer more accurate heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep quality and stress level monitoring. It also has a 30 per cent improvement when it comes to measuring heart rate during workouts.

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