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Harvey Norman To Sell 140″ OLED Display For Sub $900

Harvey Norman is set to sell a 140″ OLED Display that is set to sell for sub $900, but there is a catch.

The only problem is that to get the benefits of the 140″ you will need the all new TCL NXTwear G glasses and a mobile phone or tablet.

Invented by the world’s second biggest TV supplier the TCL Display is delivered by a pair of glasses with two 1080p mini OLED screens on the inside.

This isn’t a virtual reality headset, it’s a whole new way to watch a movie or a live sport event on Foxtel and the good news is the 140″ display can be viewed lying down or sitting up without the content being compromised.

The glasses require a wired connection to a device that’s equipped with USB-C video out.

TCL says they produce the effect of viewing a 140-inch display from four meters away, with a density of 49 pixels per degree. They’re also capable of displaying 3D content.

Harvey Norman has not said which department will sell the new TCL product, mobile or TV.

In the US the company who is also rolling out new 5G smartphones in July is working with an unnamed content subscription partner to deliver their new product which has been in development for several years as part of a bundle deal with a 5G-enabled phone.

The NXTWear G have a sunglass-like design, and are lightweight at 100 grams.

The lenses consist of OLED screens each with a Full HD resolution, which gives the impression of looking at a 140-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

TCL says the NXTWear G will show both 3D and 4K resolution video, and because the glasses understand the position of your body, you can watch standing up, sitting down, or laying down and the screen will always stay in front of your eyes.

As for powerthe NXTWear G takes power from the device it’s connected to by a USB Type-C cable.

It links to your smartphone, tablet, Windows PC,via a USB Display Port and effectively mirrors what you’d normally see on the screen.

You can watch video from your phone, or make video calls from your computer, for example.

Because the NXTWear G doesn’t cover your entire face like a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, you should still see the device, desk, or keyboard to work as normal.

TCL says with the glasses connected to a phone — about 100 different models work with the NXTWear G so far — on average the device’s battery should provide enough power to watch about five hours of video.

While there are speakers built into the glasses, listening to audio using Bluetooth headphones from the connected device will increase privacy. If you wear glasses normally, there’s the option to add your prescription to a separate lens that magnetically attaches to the inside of the NXTWear G, plus a selection of nose pads are included to help get the best fit. The glasses fold down ready to be stored in a case for easy transportation.

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