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TCL Pushes Multi-Screen Experience Across Devices

TCL is pushing multi-screen collaboration across its product range, allowing customers to work across their TCL products and Windows 10 computers.

Owners of compatible TCL phones like the 20 Pro 5G will be able to wirelessly edit, share, and control content from Windows 10. Content can also be shared with tablets like the TCL 10 Tabmax or cast to TCL TVs.

The multi-screen collaboration efforts will enhance the TCL user experience, said Aaron Zhang, CEO at TCL Communication.

“By adding value to key existing and future products with Multi-Screen Collaboration, TCL bridges software and hardware gaps across smartphones, tablets and TVs, curating a symphony of experiences that seamlessly enhance the day-to-day lives of its customers,” he said.

TCL is exhibiting multi-screen collaboration along with a range of products at Mobile World Congress this week.

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