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Harvey Norman Technology Pricing “Obscene” Claims Shoppers

Harvey Norman Technology Pricing “Obscene” Claims Shoppers

Outraged shoppers have described Harvey Norman pricing for consumer electronic goods as obscene after they were caught flogging a Microsoft mouse for $68, $20 more than what Officeworks sells it for and $8 over the Microsoft recommended retail price.

It’s also been revealed that a Kaiser Baas hoverboard is $150 more expensive at Harvey Norman than at JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman are selling the popular, but controversial device for $698 Vs $548 at JB Hi Fi.
This is not the first time that SmartHouse has identified Harvey Norman as one of the most expensive retailers in Australia to buy CE products. 

This weekend Social Media turned on Harvey Norman over their pricing of a Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse which was advertised for $68, $8 over the reccomended retail price.

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Harvey Norman price
The reccomended retail price

JB HI Fi price for same product
Reddit users have slammed Harvey Norman after one person pointed out the large price comparison Especially as JB Hi Fi is selling the same product for $49.
‘Harvey Norman just blows nuts. Their prices are obscene when you compare to JB Hi Fi, Good Guys, Appliances Online or pretty much any other electronics retailer I can think of. That’s local mobs too, not international GST exempt businesses,’ one user wrote.
‘Both myself and my wife have worked for Harvey Norman in the past. It is hilarious how much they hate JB Hi Fi and Officeworks, because anyone with half a brain will just ask HN to price match whatever is on their competitor’s website. They lose money hand over fist to those guys,’ a Reddit user wrote.
Another said: ‘This is why we need GST on all overseas purchases, right Gerry, because that’s what’s hurting your local brick and mortars, right Gerry?’.
Harvey Norman have made themselves available to comment for this story. 


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