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Harvey Norman Nabs Amazon’s Alexa Via Quantify Tech Deal

As part of its recent distribution deal with Quantify Technology (ASX:QFY), Harvey Norman has nabbed commercial access to Amazon’s smart voice assistant, Alexa, via the patented flagship product ‘Q Device’.

The ‘Q Device’ provides a “real-time evaluation of environmental and risk factors” for building occupants, providing better management of services and utilities.

The tech company’s integrated product is currently in beta testing, however, it has been added to its demo apartment on York Street in Sydney, where it is viewable by prospective clients and partners.

Integrating with Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, enables both Harvey Norman and Quantify Technology to leverage the power of Amazon’s cloud services. It also provides Quantify the tools to develop more advanced features alongside its core technology.

The integrated product will be available sometime in the future, via Quantify’s distribution deal with Harvey Norman.

The company estimates that the distribution deal will deliver future revenues of about $25 million to $30 million.

In the future, Quantify expects to develop a dedicated Alexa-enabled fascia, for users to replace with their existing Quantify light switch plate.

The development is set to provide users with full voice control in any room.

Quantify anticipates that the new innovation will open up several vertical opportunities – e.g. in hospitality and healthcare – where access to a digital voice assistant is beneficial.

Mark Lapins, CEO of Quantify Technology, affirms that the integration will radically change the nature and scope of Australia’s IoT industry:

”Now voice control is not only practical, it is seamless, allowing users to control all their connected devices without apps or smart devices.

“Through this integration, we’re changing the IoT landscape in ways that will not only alter the direction of the industry, but will also draw more attention to the exploding technology expertise here in Australia. It’s exciting to be part of making history and celebrating our country’s investment in the future”.

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