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Harvey Norman Flogging LG, Samsung Clothing Sanitiser, That Brands Claim Kills 99.9% Of Viruses

LG were first with their sanitising clothes appliance, now Samsung is flogging their Air Dresser as a COVID-19 sanitiser.

The only problem is that Australian appliance retailers have been reluctant to range either the LG or Samsung sanitiser appliance in the past.

ChannelNews first saw the LG Tromm Styler at CES 2017 and we were impressed as it not only sanitised clothing, making them smell fresher the next time one wore them it also had a trouser press built into the door.

Today after three years of pitching the product Harvey Norman is now selling the LG Styler and the Samsung Air Dresser for $2,999.

LG claims that its Tromm Styler, a clothes care appliance, can kill over 99.9 percent of the virus found in face masks when using its disinfection cycle, citing research by Chonnam National University.

The research team tested KF94, and cotton masks, and found that LG’s steam closet system can remove viruses, like influenza A, adenovirus, herpes, as well as porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, a type of coronavirus that is different from COVID-19, according to the company.

LG said KF94 mask’s filtering function remains intact even after running the sanitization cycle three times, citing test results from the Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute.

Now Samsung is set to ramp up their offering, the Korean Company claims their latest Air Dresser garment care appliance, can eliminate 99.9 percent of germs found in KF94 and N95 masks.

Following the novel coronavirus outbreaks this year, Samsung and LG have been also emphasizing sanitization features in their home appliance products.

LG has been advertising overseas its latest STEAM ThinQ dryer that use its “TrueSteam” technology that focuses on sterilizing bacteria and allergens.

Samsung said its Grande AI dryer comes with better hygiene features to deal with dust, water residue and rust.

With both these devices there are two options, steam or vapour sanitisation.


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