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Harley-Davidson Debut New Electric Bike, Restructures Business

Harley Davidson has debuted a sleek new electric bike, Serial 1, whilst confirming the spin-out of its e-bike business into a separate company for future growth.

The new Serial 1 e-bike will go on sale internationally in March 2021, and comes nearly a year after Harley-Davidson last offered details of its electric bike project.

The bike’s name pays homage to Harley’s oldest known motorcycle, “Serial Number One”, and presents a premium aesthetic with white tires, leather saddle and black frame.

The company touts its dedicated e-bike company, Serial 1 Cycle, as harnessing the talent of “passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts” to develop a product “worthy of the Harley-Davidson name.”

Whilst explicit specifications are yet to be revealed, commentators speculate the e-bike houses a mid-drive motor, belt drive system, plus frame-integrated headlights.

The product is reportedly not identical to prototypes shown at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, which the company states offers a glimpse into the future.

Market commentators also speculate whether Harley Davidson is further accelerating the development of its electric moped.

It comes as e-bike sales continue to rise globally, with Bloomberg projecting around 500,000 – 600,000 e-bikes imported into the US this year, according to the Light Electric Vehicle Association data.

The news follows a similar trajectory for other automotive makers, with Ducati launching its first e-bike last year, and BMW accelerating its own projects.

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