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Aus Post Digital Mailboxes Open ‘In Months’

Aus Post Digital Mailboxes Open
That’s according to Australia Post Ceo, Ahmed Fahour, who says the electornic mailboxes will be” effectively your letterbox, your filing cabinet and your bank account but seamlessly combined in a secure online environment.”

The digital mailboxes allow users get digital mail, bills and do banking over a secure website, Fahour told a business lunch on Thursday in Sydney, reports AAP.

He also said more 24/7 parcel lockers are soon to be available, alluding to the massive boost Oz Posts’ parcel service has got in the e-commerce age, pushing volumes up 10%.

“Over the last three years our parcel volume has grown by 10 per cent per annum driven by online shopping,” he confirmed.

Three out of four items bought by Aussie consumers online are purchased on domestic websites “despite all the rhetoric about international”.

The secure lockers will be “within a 10 minute drive, either from work or at home, of these lockers,” he said, adding 200 in total are planned, amking it even handier for consumers to buy online.

Aus post are investing $2 billion to transform its national logistics network and create a ‘universal digital platform’ – the biggest singel investment in its history.

In 2011-12 Oz Post profit  increased 16.6 per cent to $281 million.