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New Bowers & Wilkins Weather-Proof Speaker

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The AM-1 has been designed to produce sound faithfully, no matter the acoustics, whether it’s down at the pub or around the outdoor swimming pool. B&W assert it achieves such versatility by combining intelligible design and thorough engineering.

To deliver the best sound when mounted, B&W has inverted the AM-1’s drive unit. Its 1 inch aluminium dome tweeter is mounted below—rather than above—the 5 inch glass-fibre bass/mid-range driver.

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Their resolve can also be seen with the use of a rear-mounted Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) rather than using the traditional bass reflex port. Armed with an ABR, the AM-1 can deliver superior bass for a unit its size, while providing it with a continual seal against the weather.

As it’s likely to be mounted in plain sight, B&W focussed their energies on the AM-1’s aesthetics. It leans towards minimalist design and quality craftsmanship, all underlined by the use of premium materials. Bearing in mind the AM-1 will have to withstand rain, hail and shine over a lifetime, B&W chose a rust-proof aluminium grille and a glass-filled plastic cabinet. They’ve been tested in an accelerated salt-spray chamber and undergone outdoor UV life tests to make sure their up for the task.

A one plug aluminium mount makes it easy to configure in either portrait or landscape. The speaker has a 220 degree pivoting range to accommodate the unique acoustics of each setup.

Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 is available in April (White finish) and May (Black finish) at $799 a pair.

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