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Samsung Robo Cleaner Goes Light

Samsung Australia, launched the NaviBot Light robotic cleaner for $599 – half the price of its larger sister NaviBot S which costs $1299.

The slim NaviBot Light (SR8751) has a Visionary Mapping System, various cleaning modes, cleaning programs and is thin so it’s suitable for vacuuming narrow areas.

Its maker Samsung says it’s responding to the strong consumer interest and demand in the robotic vacuum cleaner space, and its price is certainly more on par with regular vacuums.

Samsung’s Visionary Mapping Navigation System helps it negotiate its way around the house and avoid obstacles like furniture and doors.

Its cognitive mapping technology uses two CPU control chips, the ‘brain’ behind its intelligent navigation. The smart vacuum can memorise its cleaning path, and keep track of where it has cleaned and what is still left to finish off.

“The latest NaviBot Light is a reliable and smart floor cleaning device for those with a busy schedule or who dread the weekly vacuum. The NaviBot Light is another example of how Samsung aims to push the boundaries in the robotic floor cleaning space,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Australia.

This system also creates a virtual map that assists the device in deciding a quick and safe route while cleaning.

The NaviBot Light can also prevent hair from wrapping around the brushes, as well as sweeping blades and brush protection combs to assist with collecting stubborn dirt.

Various cleaning modes include auto mode, sport mode and manual mode:· Auto Mode – the NaviBot Light completes one cycle of cleaning within the home and then automatically returns to its docking station.

When the battery is too low, it returns to the dock to recharge and then resumes cleaning where it left off.

· Spot Mode – allows users to specify an area where the most cleaning is needed.

· Max Mode – the NaviBot Light continually cleans until the battery is low and automatically returns to its docking station

· Manual Mode – through the use of the directional buttons on the convenient remote control, users can manually control where the NaviBot Light cleans.

The Samsung NaviBot Light (SR8751) is selling for RRP $599