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Google’s ‘Switch To Android’ App Looks To Draw People Away From Apple

Reports via 9to5Google have stated that an app helping iPhone users transition to Android is being developed, with an early version being ‘soft launched’ on the Apple App Store.

This means that it is not currently available for public download, but rather only for people with the specific link. Sources at 9to5Google say that they obtained the link via some detective work by their APK Insight team.

Google have designed the app to allow users to transfer their data simply and easily from an iPhone to a Pixel or other Android device, in a similar way to how those switching from different Android devices are already able.

Credit: 9to5Google

Data eligible includes photos, videos, calendar events and contacts. The app will then ask to disable iMessage to allow texts on the new phone and for users to allow iCloud content to be carried over to Google Photos.

One major issue with the Apple ecosystem is that users find it difficult to escape it, whether that be via hardware or knowledge of the OS. Making it easy to carry content over from an iPhone, brings Android one step closer into breaking into the impenetrable Apple ecosystem.

Apple have however released a similar ‘Switch To iOS’ app in the past, with the exact same functionality.

There is no news on when the app will be released, however the Google I/O 2022 keynote that is due for May is a likely contender.

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