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Google’s Pixel 2 Phones Already In Short Supply

Reports have emerged that many of Google’s latest Pixel 2 phones, plus every model of its Pixel 2 XL devices, have had their delivery dates fall past the phone’s October 19th launch date.

The ‘Black and White’ Pixel 2 XL phone – both 64GB and 128GB – is now officially displaying as out of stock.

At the end of Google’s unveiling event, the company revealed both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL would be available for immediate pre-order.


Just three hours after Google’s unveiling event, obtained from Google’s store the Verge released the following wait times for the new Pixel phones:


Black 64GB: In stock.
Black 128GB: In stock.
White 64GB: 5-6 weeks.
White 128GB: 2-3 weeks
Blue 64GB: 6-7 weeks


Black 64GB: 2-3 weeks
Black 128GB: 2-3 weeks
White 64GB: out of stock, waitlist
White 128GB: out of stock, waitlist.

Historically, it’s not unlikely to see a new phone sell out in its pre-order period, however, individuals may recall that Google had a notably difficult time keeping the original Pixel in stock. Last year, Google was forced to issue Play Store credit to new orders which had over a month’s delay.

On stage at its recent unveiling event, Google joked about its struggle manage the supply shortages of its original Pixel phone.

The situation at current could be the first sign of supply troubles for Google’s Pixel 2 phones – alternatively, its possible Pixel 2 pre-orders are significantly higher than the company expected. Time will tell.

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