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Google Won’t Release Budget Pixel Phone

With budgets of families constricting and the new Google Pixel 8 phones being a higher price than previous years, the question arose of whether a budget option would be released, but that rumour was squashed before it even began by a Google exec.

“It is quite unlikely that we will go in that direction,” VP of mobile business Nanda Ramachandran said.

“We would have to make too many compromises for that.”

With the new Google Pixel 8 phones available for pre-order before this month’s release, Ramachandran said that the calling card of the new phones, like enhanced cameras, AI, and security, are too pricey to adjust to a cheaper price point.

According to Google, the price increase is justified, which believes the Pixel 8 range is still an excellent value.

“If you look at the Pixel 8, then we have renewed almost everything compared to the Pixel 7,” Ramachandran added.

“And of course, the seven years of update support are also a significant investment.”

The VP touches on something noteworthy: the longevity of a seven-year update is unprecedented.

Now, the new Pixel phones will be supported through 2030 and will also have Android updates throughout that time.

Additionally, Google is pledging to offer replacement parts, allowing owners to have the opportunity to fix their own phones, which can keep them working until the next decade.

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