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Google’s Chromebook Plus Laptops Gain Webcams

Google has officially announced the new line of Chromebook Plus laptops, which have already launched in the US, Canada, and Europe, with Australian availability still to come.

There are eight models, spanning different manufacturers including Acer, ASUS, and HP, however, they all contain the same starting specifications, including an Intel Core i3 12th Gen CPU or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB storage.

These components can be upgraded with more expensive configurations, however all new Chromebooks will ship with 1080p IPS displays, topped off with a 1080p+ webcam featuring ‘Temporal Noise Reduction.’

Google claims the features work no matter what video conferencing app is used, whether it be Zoom, Teams, Skype, or Google Meet. The company are also promising “these powerful new Chromebooks have built-in AI to help enhance your call’s clarity and lighting, cancel background noise and blur backgrounds with just a couple of taps.”

To use these lighting and blur features, users can access them from the laptop’s app shelf.

Additionally, there are OS and software features including Google Photos Magic Eraser for the built in Google Photos app, and Offline File Sync, for accessing and editing Google Docs files without a connection.

The features are expected to expand post-launch, with the eventual benefit of an AI-assisted writing assistant, and custom-generated wallpapers built from templatised text prompts. To edit images, the lineup also gives users a free 3 month subscription to Adobe Photoshop.

They’ll also receive a 3 month subscription to GeForce Now’s Priority tier for games, allowing users to stream the best Steam games and Xbox Game Pass titles.

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