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Google Wins Roy Morgan Best Mobile Brand, Again

Latest research from Roy Morgan has ranked Google the nation’s most satisfied mobile customers, snaring the top spot for the second straight month, with a 95% satisfaction rating in September.

Roy Morgan claims it’s the first time a manufacturer apart from Apple has picked up consecutive monthly wins since January 2012.

It comes after Google launched its new Pixel 3 and 3XL in early October, despite a flurry of new releases from the likes of Huawei and LG.

Despite the win, the Pixel 3/3XL has reported several software bugs, including a ‘second notch’ [below] and buzzing speakers. Software updates are reportedly in the works, or have been released.

For the month of September, Chinese ‘newcomer’ Oppo mirrored Apple with a satisfaction rating of 92%, while Motorola and Samsung trailed with 90%.

Roy Morgan reveals the average mobile handset customer satisfaction during September was 88%.

Michele Levine, Roy Morgan CEO, claims despite Apple being tipped to win its eighth Mobile Phone Handset Satisfaction Annual Award in 2018, there is increasing competition, with new entrants such as Oppo taking on the likes of Samsung.

“The high customer satisfaction ratings for Google phones and Oppo are providing a renewed level of competition in an industry that has been dominated by Apple and Samsung for nearly a decade.”

Further information is available on Roy Morgan’s website here.

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