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Google’s Pixel 3 Plagued By Issues

Since its release, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have been plagued by issues and user complaints, from memory faults, buzzing speakers, apps crashing, and more. Not great for the tech giant.

One of the most prevalent issues is memory management which is causing apps to crash restart or force close.

Users have reported that opening the camera app while listening to music causes the music app to crash and stop the playback of the music. This is happening with both Spotify and Google Music.

According to a Reddit thread and numerous posts on Twitter, many users have also complained of photos vanishing once they have been taken. Even if a saved icon pops up in the corner.

It’s likely that this is related to the memory management issue, and many outlets are suggesting that if users exit the camera app before the photo renders, this could cause the photo to not be saved. Meaning that users will have to be patient while taking a photo or wait for a software update.

Not only has the software been acting up, but users have also made complaints of audio issues, particularly of “buzzing and distorting” sound at certain frequencies, and “tinny and distant” audio in recorded videos.

Google has addressed this issue, responding to Android Police: “We made several advances in the audio recording capabilities of Pixel 3…When recording outdoors, our tuning is specifically designed to reduce background noise like wind and road noise and overly loud sounds and optimize for audible speech. To achieve this, we selectively de-emphasize some frequencies, which minimizes disruptive noises and optimizes the resulting audio.” However, users are not happy with the results thus far.

Google has not released any other response to users’ complaints. However, updates are definitely on the horizon.

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