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Google Puts A Band-Aid On Pixel 2 Faults, Is It Enough?

Google has rolled out a new software update, intended to fix the display and colour burn issues found in its newly unveiled Pixel 2 XL smartphone, whilst also remedying the “click noise” in the smaller Pixel 2.

The new software update will feature several modifications to the smartphone’s P-OLED screen.

Set to replace the “vivid colors” display previously available, Google has rolled out with three new ‘color profile’ options; “boosted”, “natural” and “saturated”.

Some commentators claim that even with the “saturated” colour profile, Google’s Pixel 2 XL display does not pack as much of a punch, compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Google states its aim is not to offer a radical display transformation, rather, add a diverse and striking colour range whilst keeping the Pixel’s “untouched palette”.

Additional tweaks within the new software update endeavour to reduce screen burn by reducing the burden placed on display – e.g. reducing maximum brightness, and a navigation bar which fades out after inactivity.

Whilst the new software update is largely focused on the Pixel 2 XL, it does include a fix for the annoying ‘clicking noise’ found in the smaller sized Pixel 2.

The company is also reportedly working on a December security patch, tipped to offer even more enhancements.

As competition within the top-end of the smartphone market continues to intensify, time will tell what effect Google’s flurry of post-release software fixes will have on the long-term competitiveness of its Pixel smartphone brand.


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