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Google Assistant Now Available On Sony 4K Televisions

Google Assistant is coming to the rescue of Sony Televisions, with their service now available on Sony smart TV’S. Sony is rolling out an update to many of its android TV-powered 4K HDR sets to enable this service.

Consumers now have the power to talk to their remote and receive assistance or answers regarding the products, very much like the voice assistant on any smartphone device. The capabilities however are more powerful on Sony televisions than on smartphones.

Google Assistant can answer weather questions, trivia style questions much as Siri on Apple does, and even control the television out right. Sony is eager to provide simple and user-friendly smart home controls for the consumers. Users should also have an easier time dimming the lights for movie night or controlling audio levels for a party.

This Google Assistant, however will only work on certain television sets. Every 2017 model of the 4K HDR TV can be fitted with this feature. If the television is an older 2016 model, consumers will need a Z9D, X800D, X750D, or a X700D version TV to access the Google Assistant service.

Consumers with this new power will have far more control of everyday household actions. Such as Controlling, sounds, lights, televisions, and gaming consoles all with the sound of their voice.

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