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RIP Google Play Music, YouTube Music Transfers Start

Google has confirmed it’s killing off Google Play Music in 2020, after commencing one-click transfer imports to YouTube Music’s library – two years since flagging the former’s imminent death.

Disclosed in a blog post, Google flagged it will provide “plenty of notice” before completely axing the service, however, Google Play Music will [finally] shut down “later this year.”

“Starting today, we’re excited to officially begin inviting Google Play Music listeners to effortlessly transfer their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music,” reads the company’s post.

The language points towards a ‘roll-out’ style access to the transfer process, however, users will get notifications once complete. 

Google has advised users to visit YouTube’s dedicated page for steps on how to transfer their Google Play Music data to YouTube Music, with a one-click button appearing within the log-in portal.

The company has advised “your uploads, purchases, added songs and albums, personal and subscribed playlists, likes and dislikes, curated stations and personal taste preferences will move right over.” 

Transfer time is dependent on the amount of data – from “a few seconds, or a few days.”

YouTube Music was launched in 2015, prompting speculation it would always succeed Google Play Music.

Other stored music library options include Apple’s iCloud Music Library, or services like Plex.

A video with further information on transfer details is here.

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