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Google Pixel Users Report Black Screen Problems

Users of Google Pixel smartphones have reported problems after overnight charging, where the screen becomes black and unresponsive. One user on Reddit said: “The phone is still working at this point because my alarm works and I can also hear notifications, I just can’t wake the screen.”

Most users have reported that restarting the smartphone fixes the issue, but they often find the same thing happens the next time they charge their device overnight. However, some have said that the screen takes awhile to function normally even after restarting the phone.

Pixel 3a black screen after overnight charging from GooglePixel

Some believe that the ‘black screen’ problem derives from a security patch that was rolled out in May, though some encountered the issue before that.

One Google Pixel owner on Reddit said: “Ever since the latest update I have been seeing weird issues with my P2. Yesterday it started that I would open an app and the screen would go blank… At times it is totally unusable and other times it works fine… Too many problems with this line of phone to keep me around any longer.”

Users with a range of Google Pixel smartphones appear to be facing the same issue.

It is expected that Google will implement a fix for the problem soon, given how many people are complaining about it.

The Google Pixel 4 costs $1,049 in Australia, while pricing for the Google Pixel 4 XL starts from $1,279.

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