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Google Pixel Buds Pro Get Spatial Audio

Google have followed Apple, with the addition of Spatial Audio to the latest version of their premium Pixel Buds Pro. While it has taken a while for Google to step up with this audio tech, cheaper units like the Pixel Buds A-Series won’t get the advance yet.

This feature should be available for all Pixel Buds Pro users by next week.

Spatial audio is designed to give users a sense of depth to their sounds. To take advantage of this advance, Google say you’ll need content that works with 5.1+ surround sound, so you should be able to watch the majority of modern TV and movies with spatial audio enabled.

Google Pixel 6 and 7-series phones are built to incorporate spatial audio and head tracking. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 were updated to spatial audio in January, while Apple packed the feature into their AirPods Pro in 2022.

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