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Google Nobble Huawei’s Back Door Access To Android Apps

Huawei who were still hoping to flog mobile phones with access to Google apps have come a cropper after Google cut off the back-door access that the Chinese Company was banking on.

At the recent Huawei Mate 30 launch Company executives were bragging that they had worked out how to get access to Google apps such as Google Maps and G Mail.

The method they were going to use was via an app called LZPlay, but apparently after pressure from the US Federal Government the app suddenly no longer works, Bloomberg reported and that now only Google is able to make that kind of change.

This leaves the new Mate 30 dead in the water when it comes to being able to run a full suite of Google Android apps with Huawei fans now left to wait for Huawei’s own house brand OS.

The Mate 30 was shipped without full Android support with the OS based on Android open source.

This left owners don’t have Google services (like Play Store) or apps (like Chrome or Maps).

Huawei lost full Android support after the US Commerce Department blacklisted the Chinese company in May, following Trump’s executive order effectively banning it from US communication networks due to national security concerns over alleged ties to the Chinese government (which Huawei denies).

Google parent company Alphabet revoked Huawei’s Android license, so Huawei resorted to the open-source version.

In August, Huawei has also unveiled its own mobile operating system — HarmonyOS — which could be applied to its phones if it’s locked out of Android.

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