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Google Nest Hub Adds Media Playback Dashboard

Google has launched a new feature for its Nest Hub smart displays called Media View, which works similar to the new Chrome Media Control, in that it makes it easier for users to see and control what’s playing on the smart devices in a given network.

The function offers a summarised list of all playback processes for an entire loudspeaker group or for a single device. You can then switch to a more detailed view with the following information:

  • Which devices or groups play the media
  • The room in which the device is located
  • The content provider (e.g. Spotify, YouTube)
  • Title of the song/show
  • Artist name

Users can also pause, skip or go back individual items with the following enabled controls:

  • Play media
  • Stop media
  • Audio – tap the next or previous track
  • Video – tap 30 seconds forward or 10 seconds back

There is also a new volume threshold setting for individual devices.

To access the media dashboard on the Nest Hub, swipe down from the top screen and tap the Media button.

The update is now available.

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