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Surface Pro 8 Rumours: What’s In Store?

The Surface Pro 8 is being tipped for a release to the consumer market in late 2020.

And while there has been no official comment from Microsoft about the upcoming device, Microsoft’s history alongside leaked patents have given us an insight into the features, details and design of the Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft didn’t create exceptional innovations with the release of the Surface series, but there were some impressive features.

Since then, the global electronics giant has expanded product lines to cover both the casual user to the creative professionals with the Surface Studio.

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And while the Surface Pro 8 isn’t tipped to be released until late this year, based on previous Microsoft releases, consumers can expect to see the product on the market around this October.

Additionally, based on previous pricing of Microsoft Surface Pro series’, the entry level price for a newly released Surface Pro generally started between AU $1,170 and AU $1,470. The full-featured, top of the line Surface Pro’s usually came with a price tag of around AU $3,370.

While no rumours have exposed the pricing of the Surface Pro 8 just yet, it can be anticipated that the company will keep a similar trend with the pricing scheme. The entry models should be priced around the $799-$999 range, if they are no new design overhauls.

There are two patents that have been revealed online – a solar-powered type cover and an external speaker-equipped type cover. However, it’s not known if either concept will go beyond production and onto the market, but if they do, consumers should expect a price hike.

As for the Surface Pro 8’s specs, new Surface Pro devices have usually capitalised off incremental innovation steps with every new release.

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The Pro 7, for example, improved from the Pro 6 by replacing 8th Gen Intel chips with the then newly released 10th Gen chips, while upgrading the Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi 6 and including a USB-C port. But it’s storage, RAM and display have not changed.

Expectations for the Surface Pro 8 includes a newer chip, which is dependent on whether Intel’s 11 generation chips, titled ‘Tiger Lake,’ are ready for release by the time the Surface Pro 8 is. The current speculation is that Tiger Lake will be released around late this year.

The inclusion of the USB-C port in previous Surface Pro models was necessary for the company to stay connected with the market demand and trends, but it’s also being hoped that Microsoft may take it a step further and include a Thunderbolt 3 port in lieu of USB-C.

Additionally, battery life could be improved on from the Surface Pro 7 which was lost in comparison to the Surface Pro 6 model. There has been no official comment on battery life from Microsoft or leaksters as of yet.

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The Surface Pro 8 features is not expected to include a drastic change of design. It’s still expected to keep its flagship tablet with a detachable type cover that is also used as a keyboard. Similarly, bezel sizes will also remain the same – but with other companies such as Samsung shrinking the size of their bezels it is expected that Microsoft may follow suit.

A previous report by Channel News revealed the solar panel cover for the Surface Pro 8, which would use artificial and natural light to charge the device.

But another patent reveals a type cover equipped with an external speaker, which could be used both open and closed configuration, if the patent is accurate.

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When the cover is used in a kickstand position, the speaker would face outwards away from the device. This would help amplify the sound without owners having to purchase an addition bigger or bulkier speaker.

If Microsoft were to successfully release these two rumoured covers onto the market, it would be an impressive improvement on current case offerings on the market.

Microsoft has not provided official comments on any of the details commented on in this article.

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