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Google Makes Five-Year Commitment On Nest Security

Google has committed to minimum five years’ security support for its Nest devices, among a range of other security measures.

In a blog post, Google Nest Product Manager Ryan Campbell outlined Nest’s “Safety Centre”, which details the steps the tech giant is taking to secure its connected home devices.

These include five years minimum security patches and updates for its smart home devices; validation of all Google Nest devices from 2019 or later using independent standards; using verified boot technology to protect devices; rewarding researchers who find bugs in Nest products; and showing all devices connected to users’ Google accounts on their device activity pages.

“The Safety Centre is meant to give you a clear picture of the work we do each day to build trustworthy products and create a safer and more helpful home.

“Our new security commitments include standards Google has long held as well as updates that are specific to Nest’s connected home devices and services,” said Campbell.

The standards apply to Nest smart speakers and displays, plus Nest-branded thermostats and smoke detectors, mesh wi-fi, security cameras, Chromecast and Google TV devices, and locks; older Google Home and Google Wi-Fi devices are also included.

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