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Google In Talks To Buy HTC Mobile, Sales Down 54.4% From Last Year

Following previous reports that embattled Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC was considering selling off some of its business divisions, rumours have emerged that the company is in talks with Google to buy its mobile phone business.

Rumours of the discussions have surfaced after HTC released its latest earnings report, revealing the company’s revenue of A$123 million was the lowest monthly figure in thirteen years. Sales declined 51.5% from the previous month, notably down 54.4% from last year.

Chinese-language news outlet, Commercial Times, state Google may decide to either become a strategic partner or acquire the entire mobile division:

“It is understood that Google [has] the strategy to invest or buy HTC smart phone R & D team… to discuss the matter, the negotiations have entered the final stage, the slowest will be completed by the end of the year’.

HTC’s Vive VR business operates as a separate company and is said to not be involved in the talks with Google.

Whilst the news is not the first time HTC has considered selling its mobile phone business, it is the first time Google has been mentioned. The Taiwanese company and Google have historically had a good relationship, as HTC made the first commercially released Android phone, was appointed the hardware partner for the first Nexus and Pixel phones.

The new ‘Made By Google’ campaign fitted with Pixel hardware could be a motivator for Google to consider the acquisition of HTC’s mobile phone division.

HTC has declined to comment on the rumours.

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