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Bose Goes Micro With New Bluetooth Speaker

A new portable Bluetooth speaker is on the way from Bose, featuring rugged protection against the elements in a small form factor.

The SoundLink Micro is Bose’s smallest speaker ever, with a weight of around 290 grams, a width and depth of less than ten centimetres and a height of around 3.5 centimetres.

Despite being ‘Micro’, Bose said the speaker offered “unmatched sound for its size”.

“For listening on the go, there’s nothing quite like the Micro,” said Bose’s director of on-the-go products Brian Maguire.

“No other Bluetooth speaker this small sounds this good – so you’ll never want to leave it behind. And it’s been built for just about anything, so you’ll never have to,” Maguire said.

Bose said the SoundLink Micro can survive “more than the industry’s IPX7 rating”, and has been designed and tested for protection against soapy, chlorinated and salt water.

Silicone casing can also protect the speaker from scratches, dents, cracks, hits and falls, as well as dust, dirt and sand, with a strap on the back allowing it to be attached to things like bags or bikes.

Beyond playing music, the SoundLink Micro can be used to take or make calls using a multi-purpose button and integrated speakerphone, as well as summon virtual personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

It can also be synced to other SoundLink speakers using the Bose Connect app.

Bose’s SoundLink Micro will be available in black, midnight blue and bright orange for $169.95, and be pre-ordered now from the Bose website.

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