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Google Hits Out At ACCC

Google has struck out at the ACCC, after the consumer watchdog recommended the tech giant’s dominance in Australia be kept in check

“People use Google Search because it’s helpful, not because they have to and its popularity is based on quality that’s built on two decades of innovation,” a Google spokesman said.

“Android gives people choice by allowing them to customise their device – from the apps they download, to the default services for those apps.

“Preinstallation benefits users by making it easier for them to use services quickly and easily.

“We are continuing to review the report and look forward to discussing it with the ACCC and government.”

In response, ACCC chair Rod Sims said Google’s continuous payments to Apple and others for being the default search engine in its devices suggests otherwise.

“If you’re so popular, why do you need to pay everybody to become the default?,” Sims responded.

“Secondly, when you’re so dominant, then you are the source of innovation.

“Do we want all the innovation to come from Google, or would we like different forms of innovation?

“I accept that pre-installs are helpful but there is a fine line between being helpful and preserving your dominance,” Sims said.

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